Screw's SulFur spas


Screw's Sulfur Spas is one of the most famous hot water springs on the island of Dominica. If you ask any of the locals what to do while you are on the Island, a trip to Screw's is likely to be on the list. In fact they have probably been there themselves recently.

Screw has spent years building these pools and it shows. The pools fit beautifully into the landscape and feel like they always should have been there. Each of the pools is a different temperature starting with the hottest at the top near the entrance and gradually cooling off with each of the successive 3 pools. The is also a number of cool waterfalls and a cold pool for when you need a refreshing cool down.


Irie Man

Open Tues-Sun

10 AM - 10PM

Wotton Waven, Dominica

(767) 440 4478